Not To Me 

Most of the time it's not happening to me, but in me.  I'll let go and control what I can.  Me.

Music Heals 

I met someone that said our songs helped them through a dark time. So grateful. Music Heals when the universe lets it.

We Is Stronger Than Me 

The roller coaster of the last 8 months has truly altered (again) my perception of what I feel is important and what and who I need to to be. With the removal of the Hep C and the hope that my damaged liver will continue to heal,I feel like I have been given a second lease on this life. With all the anger and fear that I see and feel today, I only want to put out words and actions of love and understanding in everything I do.. I aspire to always be a part of the solution and not the problem. My wife, children and the people who I love and cherish as friends deserve this from me. I have learned from my own life that the ripple effect is real and that the "we" is stronger than "me". And I'm so grateful for the people who have shown me that love can truly change things.It's an inside job and I'll keep working at it.


It's only about the NOW. In the future...Fear...In the past...regret...Tell people how you feel and hug the ones you love. It'll be the best thing you've done all day. 

I Couldn't Do It Without You 

If I took the program of recovery I'm involved with out of my life the whole world that I know and love would crumble to the ground like a house of cards. I believe by never forgetting where I come from, remaining available to give it away and practicing gratitude for the the love and hope that has been so freely given to me keeps me somehow connected to the power of the universe and helps me to continue inching forward into the solution.I couldn't do this without the people who I'm sharing the journey with. I sure love you guys.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I awake with gratitude for what I have today and not of what I think I deserve. To my friends and family that surround my life with light, love and inspiration, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope I reciprocate in my own dorky way. Wishing each of you the day that you would like Thanksgiving to be for you.And because of the program of recovery that saved my life and the design for living that keeps me grounded and inching forward I get to be present for days like today. It really does feel like a miracle.

What I Have 

It's cool that I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness as long as I'm practicing gratitude.Sophia's soccer practice and games, coffee with my 18 year old after work, practice with my band brothers or simple family gatherings fill my life with a love and joy that at one time I honestly couldn't have imagined being in my life..Staying focused on what I have and not what I think I deserve and keeping a sense of gratitude for this amazing life that has been freely given to me are a couple of the keys to staying both sober and happy,joyous and free.

The Tricky Part Of Change 

It's like Clint Eastwood said: "Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you take things into your own hands." I have found that by following the feeling in my gut that says it's time to find out what's behind door #2, that good things happen that I couldn't dream of..The tricky part is being respectful of other people's feelings and still looking out for what's best for the group..In the end, how I treat people is really the only barometer of how I did while I was here.And hopefully I was thoughtful and respectful  in the change we made.So we welcome new drummer Jason Bair and excitedly look forward to the next phase of our development as a band.

A Mystical Voodoo Kind Of Thing! 

All I can say is I'm grateful to be sober today.Without recovery as the foundation for my life, all the cool things I get to experience with my friends and loved ones, like playing Art On The Ave in beautiful Tacoma, WA, don't happen.
It's so cool to be present to see and feel how music can change and connect us all,if we choose to let it! It's a mystical voodoo kind of thing...LOL. And a shout out to Dan Rankin and everyone involved in AOA 15.You really out did yourselves. It was a great day for T-Town. Made me feel..Strangely Alright.

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