Psych Film

Strangely Alright

Part of being in a band, or relationship for that matter, is trust. Regan and Sean’s songwriting chemistry and trust are based on mutual respect and similar journeys from that darkness into the light that work for them. Psych Film is a prefect example of one of the ways they create.

Sean created an instrumental musical template with no words and just the title, Psych Film. Both Sean and Regan record with Reason, so Sean sent the Reason file to Regan and he absorbs the music and song title and adds his own vocals, lyrics, keyboards and effects that he feels will compliment the instrumental track that Sean has created. The two then get together with the other SA players and mutually decide on the finishing touches that are added. The effect is like having two painters painting on the same canvas at different times in order to create one cohesive piece of art.
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  1. Psych Film