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“How You Make Others Feel About Themselves Says A Lot About You”. – Unknown

PREMIERE: Little Billy Died

“Little Billy Died” is a hauntingly simple song with some beautiful harmonies and a story about a boy who was bullied and tormented because he was different. The new song is available at iTunes and Amazon along with SA’s previous music.

SA front man Regan Lane explains: “Little Billy Died is taken from a true story that happened when I was in high school. And with my daughter in elementary school and the many examples of cyber bulling happening today it seems like the perfect time to revisit the feelings and story as I saw it. Today it’s now clear to see that what we all put into the universe can affect folks depending on the positive or negative bent of our words and actions and where people are at in their own lives… And because we believe that Love is more powerful than hate, the underlying thought is just be kind because the ripple effect is real.”

Little Billy Died – Words and Music: Regan Lane and Sean Van Dommelen

Recorded and Produced By: Sean Van Dommelen and Regan Lane

Mastered By: Todd Ensminger

After the release of Little Billy Died the band will be finishing up their EP Stuff for release in the September, on a special limited-edition cassette, with the help of Ombrello Records.

Strangely Alright will be performing with Limberlost at Louie G’s in Fife for an all-ages show on June 22nd. Get show info HERE and purchase tickets HERE.


New SA Interview With Bootleg Metal!

So Bootleg Metal saw us on Reverbnation and requested a review...

We reminded them we are not really metal but they didn't care...just dug our presentation and our songs.. A really nice compliment. Here's the interview Regan did with them. We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to pass it around to let the universe know of the SA Experience! Peace!


WE Think:

It's An Us World.

Music Heals.

Love Is The Answer and Now Is The Time!

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  Vocal Tracking On New 6 EP Stuff  Continues In June!

Look for a release at Jazzbones on Sept 22nd!
 5 down and 1 to go! Tracking vocals  on our 6 song EP Stuff  being recorded @ The Chicken Shack.
It's coming out  soon on Ombrello Records
Every aspect of it will be different. Really!



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