Drawing inspiration from various generations of British iconoclasts – including David Bowie, T. Rex, the Jam, Suede, the Buzzcocks, and Supergrass – Strangely Alright moves with an electric thrum and a more than a little swagger. Sprinkle in a bit of Cheap Trick's rowdy power pop, and you're getting closer to picking up what Strangely Alright's putting down. 
And time can have a tricky way of beating people down and telling them to forget who they wanted to be and who they are. The fact that some members of the strangely clan are in recovery brings to mind the reality that people can find what was once lost.

2018 started out with a bang with the boys being added to Sub Pop's Best of The Northwest playlist on Spotify and rollicking visit with StarDog and T2 on  KGRG 89.9 FM's Puget Sound showcasing new tunes from Stuff and playing some acoustic numbers live in the studio! They were also invited in to perform new tunes on The Spud Goodman Show! Next up was the release of the politically charged single Happening Today followed by the final single of 2018, Little Billy Died, which touches on the uncomfortable subject of bullying and it's effects and has received amazing feedback from reviewers and fans alike for it's blunt yet heartfelt honesty. And to finish off 2018 SA released what critics and fans are unanimously calling  their finest work to date, the 6 song ep Stuff!

Other recent highlights include Come On being given given the honor of being the lead track on the London Bridge recorded One Take Pacific Northwest Volume 1, and recently Regan and Sean wrote the theme song for the syndicated radio show True Fidelity and SA's music was also included on the (now defunct) hit Seattle sketch comedy show The 206.. Live shows include opening for Styx at the D&R Theater,  appearances at the prestigious Art On The Ave,The Western Washington State Fair , Click 98.9 FM's HOMEGROWN and of course The Spud Goodman Show!

SA'S first CD The Time Machine Is Broken also received rave reviews and radio airplay from around the world, including Great Britain, Australia and Sweden!  
A track from the album, Crying Shame, was nominated for the NWME song of the year in the alt/classic rock category  They have been featured artist on a number of northwest shows including NWCZ’s The Convergence Zone, The Aquarium and “The Internal Narcissist”.  

SA Singer Songwriter Regan Lane has had placement and airplay of his heartfelt pop and rock songs on numerous TV shows throughout the US, including A&E's Biography,NBC Sports,VH1's Top Twenty Countdown and Best Week Ever, Anthony Bourdains' No Reservations and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew along with many other cable and network shows. 
His jubilant pop song U Won't Believe was heard on NBC's Race Across America and was also the theme song for Puget Sounds TV, a Northwest TV show featuring local and national indie artists. The Ocean Makes Her Cry was  played on The Discovery Channels' Strictly Sex With Dr. Drew: Am I Normal? and his pop gem'Junkie was heard on a recent Johnny Knoxville's MTV special.

SA make great recordings, but they really excel in a live setting. Each member brings a unique aspect to the  
SA sound.Frontman Regan Lane's theatrical performances, bassist Ken Schaff''s driving hard rock influences, Jason Bair's rocking military precision on drums, Ray Hayden's keyboard crush on all things prog rock and Sean Van Dommelen's crunchy white boy blues  all collide together creating a sound that is familiar yet  uniquely their own.. Lane’s charismatic presence and ability to get asses out of their seats and the obvious joy the band has playing live make for a kick ass show!