Led by Singer Songwriter Regan Lane, Maurice the Fish Records artist Strangely Alright is a 6 piece Jangly Power Pop Band from Tacoma, Washington that has,as Rockford Rowley from The Weekly Volcano says, “an undeniable emotional appeal.  Ringing, triumphant chords and lyrics that allude to conquered tribulations immediately make the music relatable to everyone.”
The Strangely’s new CD ‘The Time Machine Is Broken’ has received rave reviews and radio airplay from around the world, including Great Britain, Australia and Sweden! 
A track from the album, “Crying Shame”, was nominated for the NWME song of the year in the alt/classic rock category And the boys have been featured artist on a number of northwest shows including NWCZ’s ‘The Convergence Zone”, ‘The Aquarium” and “The Internal Narcissist”. 

Lane’s charismatic presence and the bands polished musical chops make for live performances that are thought provoking, quirky, amusing and fun. They Mix modern radio pop with classic influences from the past creating songs that in a perfect world would be on the radio today, Strangely Alright’s inspirational live shows continue to bring in and keep new fans coming back!

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