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The Wo Wo Song (Let Me Know) – A New Free Strangely Alright Single!

Seattle WA- Things are changing in Strangely Alright land. With the addition of guitarist Troy Moss, the band has a brand new single, a new stage lineup and new energy.

The Wo Wo Song (Let Me Know) is the first offering from the updated and invigorated band. Singer-Songwriter Regan Lane has dropped the guitar and is now up front, running around like he’s a cross between Jim Morrison and a better singing Iggy Pop. The band’s offstage friendship and connection shows through in a live setting, and the audiences have been knocked out by the new material and lineup.


“Sometimes words just can’t express how I’m truly feeling,” says Lane. When I’m frustrated or excited or having problems getting ideas across a good old wo wo does just fine. The main thing I’ve found is to get it out. Shout it, scream it, whatever … Or else my head may explode... And to be honest, I’ve always dug those kinds of non wordy songs

“And on this single all the things that I love about SA are present. Sean and Troy’s guitar interplay, Ray’s cool organ and synth work and the driving bottom end that Ken and Jason provide. I’d like to think Sean and my vocals are keeping up our end too...LOL”

“I guess sometimes it’s kinda weird trying to explain exactly what we sound like.. We have synths, but we’re not an 80’s band. Nice melodies, but we’re not Beatle-esque. Rock guitars, but we’re not metal. Hopefully we are just being us and the music and lyrics will connect with some folks. That’s all you can ask for. To give us a listen.”
The Wo Wo Song (Let Me Know) will be available as a free download from SoundCloud through the month of October!



Everyone in Strangely Alright is a fan of Spud Goodman! And what an honor for us to be performing our new single "The Wo Wo Song (Let Me Know)" on his show! The Spud cast and crew are such a cool group of people and we are grateful to have been a part of such fun show! Have a look and listen and PASS IT ON!


Booking and Representation: Charlie Dent
(253) 307-4809